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Bobo & Fran

Hi! Bobo here. Thank you for visiting our site. Francinne and I met when we both worked at a web development and marketing company. We instantly bonded over our love of food and have been close friends ever since. When she and I realized that we could combine our talents and passions to start our own business helping OTHER entrepreneurial individuals and small businesses, it was a no brainer. The name Spark Up came to Francinne in a dream (funny but seriously it did) and here we are. 

Both Francinne's (Fran as I like to call her) family and my family have amazing entrepreneurs. Her family started a small construction business and my family started a small Chinese restaurant. They have all come from humble beginnings to build businesses that have found success and withstood the test of time. They are truly a testament to giving it your all and chasing what you want in life. My mom has always told me, "Why work so hard, towards someone else's dream, instead of working for your own?" 

That has stuck with me, and it has always fascinated me when I hear and see people's stories about their business - what they do, how they got there, and why they do it. I'm surrounded by so many friends and family that are out there  to make their dreams come true. You see that everyone has their own story and path, and every single one excites and inspires me.  

If we can help you and your business in any way, don't hesitate to reach out and Spark Up a conversation with us. 


Bobo & Fran

Our Team

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  • background in real estate, food industry, and social media

  • lives in Nashville, TN with her dog and cat sidekicks

  • creator of Eat Love Nash Meetup group

  • never turns down food


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Graphic Designer

  • background in graphic design, photography, and illustration
  • lives in Nashville with her husband and two dogs

  •  speaks both spanish and english

  • loves to go try out new restaurants